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The Gravel adventure in the Ore Mountains awaits you!

With the gravel bike across the Ore Mountains

The Erzgebirge and your gravel bike: These are two things that could hardly go together more perfectly. Why - you ask yourself? Because the joy of biking here is simply limitless and the landscape is as varied as your gravel. Once you pedal, you rush through deep, cool forests, wide fields and picturesque places. Challenging climbs lead up mountains where pure summit happiness awaits you. From up there you can look for miles into the rough Ore Mountains landscape and glimpse a network of natural forest tracks, well-developed forest paths and picturesque roads that connect the villages in the valleys. Characterized by over 800 years of mining, you are guaranteed to find a little adventure along the way. It's always worth taking short breaks and discovering the UNESCO World Heritage region - regardless of whether you're stopping off-road in the middle of the forest or on the road at the museum.

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Gravel tours in the Ore Mountains

Sweat on your forehead and a smile on your face - anyone who has toured the Ore Mountains by bike knows where riding fun and adventure are at home. And you always have the choice of whether you want to make more challenging, proud meters in altitude or rather chilled out through the idyllic river valleys and cover many kilometers in one go. If you gravel in the Ore Mountains, you are moving in a landscape where the Stoneman is at home in the west and the imposing wooden gates of the Blockline are waiting for you in the east. You will be rewarded with dreamy scenery rich in lush mountain meadows, rugged forests and countless places full of history, art and culture. And as lonely as the landscape along the Ore Mountains can be, there are sometimes surprising culinary places full of warmth and a sense of home.

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