Bergbaumuseum Oelsnitz / Foto Lorenz •
Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e.V.
Adam-Ries-Straße 16
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz

"Glück auf!" as they say in the Ore Mountains

Welcome to the land of treasures

Fascinating mountain towns, magnificent churches, galleries and traditions: welcome to the land of treasures - in the Ore Mountains! "Glück auf" is not just a greeting here, it is an entire region's attitude towards life. Head for the Ore Mountains where a fascinating history awaits you! The locals in the Ore Mountains discovered how rich their soil is 800 years ago. And they started to extract the precious treasure from A for Argentum to Z for Zinc . A treasure that is deeply ingrained in both the people and the soil and is still perceptible to everyone today. The unique cultural landscape of the Ore Mountains is not just home to treasures and the Saxon-Bohemian Silver Route, it is also well on its way to becoming a UNECSO World Heritage Site. "Glück auf" for your visit!

©TVE_Frank Graetz
Frohnauer Hammer / Foto WFE
Foto: 599 Media | Paul Schmidt
Tuerkschacht Zschorlau / Foto by Wolfgang Schmidt

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