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Experience top-class sport

The Erzgebirge and winter sports are inextricably linked. Alongside the many options the mountains offer for getting active even in winter, a large number of Erzgebirge athletes have achieved Olympic success and world championship titles, bringing the region worldwide fame.

The winter sports centres of Altenberg (in the eastern Erzgebirge) and Oberwiesenthal (in the western Erzgebirge) give visitors the chance to get up close and personal with top-class sport in all seasons. Both of the international sports venues invite visitors to try out biathlon and bobsleigh, explore the sports facilities on foot or by bike, or take a guided tour to gain all kinds of new perspectives and experiences.

Guest biathlon

Altenberg Climatic Spa (Luftkurort) & Oberwiesenthal Spa Town

Always wanted to experience the excitement of the shooting range for yourself and get the discs to flip up? Put your skills to the test at the guest biathlon at the biathlon centre in Altenberg or the Sparkassen-Skiarena in Oberwiesenthal! Click on the dates to find out more about the events. Guest biathlons are held at both locations in summer and winter.
























Altenberg OT Zinnwald-Georgenfeld

Biathlon Sparkassen-Arena Altenberg …

...die Wiege des Biathlon-Sports in Sachsen.

Kurort Oberwiesenthal


Tradition Wintersport am Fichtelberg erleben …


Altenberg luge and bobsleigh track

You’ve seen the Sachsen-Energie Eiskanal ice track in Altenberg on the TV, and now it’s time to take a look behind the scenes with a tour. Feel just like a real bobsleigh athlete at the guest bobsleigh, which runs in both summer and winter. Children can swoosh down the track on the Ice Tube.

























Rennschlitten- und Bobbahn -…

Rasante Fahrten durch die Rennschlitten- und Bobbahn Altenberg. Sie ist das gesamte Jahr…
































05.12.2023, 10:00 Uhr

Führung entlang des SachsenEnergie-Eiskanals

Lernen Sie den bekannten Eiskanal aus einer anderen Perspektive kennen. Von A wie…

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