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Clear the (rail)way!

Travel through the Ore Mountains on rails

They smoke, hiss and spit. They light up railway fans' eyes and travel through the most beautiful valleys in the Ore Mountains puffing out their steam. Travelling with the Ore Mountains Railways with its wealth of history and traditions is a unique experience - like a cruise for landlubbers. You can reach many destinations via the dense rail network. On your way to the inn, the museum or the next model railway exhibition for young and old, you will experience the landscape from a very special perspective - and will be greeted with admiring looks at the edge of the track. Or do you feel like taking a ride on a suspension railway or chair lift? Clear the way, in the Ore Mountains! 

The region's railways

Museen & Ausstellungen


Die DAMPFBAHN-ROUTE Sachsen ist als Ferienstraße durch den Freistaat für alle erlebnishungrigen Gäste nicht nur ein Kursbuch in dem Eisenbahnen zu finden sind. Auch Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, genussvolle Gastronomie und Erlebnisse für die ganze Familie werden Ihnen präsentiert...

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