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Textile treasures

The ability to conjure up small works of art from fabric and thread is still a fascinating craft today, which the locals from the Ore Mountains feel comfortable in and have a great deal of experience in. Besides embroidery, felting, glove making and weaving, lace-making and trimming are two of these lively traditional handicraft techniques.

Lace making

Lace making is a traditional handicraft technique in the Ore Mountains. Laces are produced here using a bobbin and the yarn wound onto it. The basic principle of the bobbin is to turn and cross threads. The basis for this is the pattern template, the pricking.

The Ore Mountains is the largest contiguous area where clapper lace is made. Currently about 20,000 women and men are organized in bobbin lace clubs.  

If you would like to learn lace making yourself - there are courses for beginners and advanced learners in the Ore Mountains

Foto Achim Meurer
Foto / TVE

Lace trimming

Trimmings are decorative braids such as decorative ribbons, woven borders, artistic tassels, cords, shoelaces, covered buttons and the like. The production of trimmings has a long tradition, especially in the upper Ore Mountains, dating back to the 16th century.

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