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Wooden treasures

Hand-made gems from the Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains region is characterised by centuries-old craft - Ore Mountains folk art. These are smoking figurines for incense, nutcrackers, angels and miners, candle arches, music boxes or delicate miniatures - all made by hand.

Wood turning

At their workbenches, skilled hands stroke the bodies of wooden horses with fine brushes. White eyes and a brown tail - every detail is handmade, just like the animals themselves. They are carved out of a wooden ring. This technique is called wood turning. Like wood shaving tree production, it is a special woodworking method that only exists in the Ore Mountains.

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Carving has a long tradition in the Ore Mountains. Hundreds of years ago, the miners and farmers in the Ore Mountains reached for a carving knife after a hard day's work to immortalize their experiences in wood, creating small treasures with an artful hand.

Butter moulds from Börnichen in the Ore Mountains

There is just one place left in Germany where butter moulds are made: Börnichen in the Ore Mountains. Kerstin and Michael Fischer open their workshop's door here. They are both butter mould engravers. The last active members of their guild in the whole of Germany. The two of them let visitors get a glimpse of their everyday life here.

In the past, butter moulds were mainly produced during the cold season, when there was little other work to be done in the rural economy. Today everything revolves around the butter moulds and the Christmasy decorated stollen boards all year round.  The wood for this comes from the region. 

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