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Unique works of art from the Ore Mountains

Foto by TVE / Theresa Seidler

Incense candles

An incense candle awakens every incense smoking figurine to the life for which it was made with the smell of incense. It smokes exquisitely and with an air of slow contemplation, Advent is here, you can smell it! The exact composition of the Ore Mountains’ incense cones’ Christmas fragrance is still a secret to this today. Whether it’s incense, pine, orange or sandalwood – every incense cone producer guards its recipe carefully. Having said that, the incense cone’s ingredients are known: high-quality charcoal dust, sandalwood and copper beech flour, binding agents and fragrances from herbs, resins, flowers, roots or essential oils.

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Liqueur production

The family-run Destillation & Liqueurfabrik Ernst F. Ullmann has always relied on the root and herbal power of nature.  Visitors can learn more about the events of more than 100 years of Lauterbach spirits at the company's museum (Hilmersdorf). Beside the tasting, there is also the possibility to experience a distillation demonstration on registration.

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