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All good things come in nines

Christmas meal à la Ore Mountains: the Neunerlei

Can you manage it? With pleasure! The highlight of the Ore Mountains’ Christmas is the traditional “Neunerlei” meal, also called “Neinerlaa” in the local dialect. True to custom, the traditional miner’s family “Christmas Eve menu” presents you with nine different dishes. They symbolise memories and wishes, for example for good health, money or love. Would you like to know what your plate means? For example, the roast goose with dumplings stands for wealth and the lentils stand for blessing and “a bit of money”. Although it’s not the same everywhere: the Neunerlei is celebrated differently regionally and from family to family and is still preserved as a custom by the locals from the Ore Mountains today. If you want to give it a try, you can pre-order the traditional meal at numerous restaurants in the Ore Mountains.

What you can expect from the Neunerlei

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