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The most beautiful tours for families - On foot and by bike

The most beautiful bike tours

Families with big or small children, will find a selection of bike tours of different lengths and demands. An ideal terrain for explorers - whether on an e-bike or a classic MTB will be the Blockline, newly inaugurated in 2021. Stunning views, narrow valleys, dark forests and always water: The Blockline leads in short stages through ever new scenery.

Foto: Felix Meyer,
141,8 km 15:20 h

Blockline – the bike adventure for the whole...

On 140 kilometres, the bike adventure attracts adventurers of all ages, inviting them on an expedition...
Foto: Felix Meyer,
53,1 km 5:55 h

Blockline Loop 1: Holzhau » Altenberg » Hermsdorf...

The 53 km long round tour takes you over 1,140 meters in altitude along flowering mountain meadows and...
Foto: Felix Meyer,
65,9 km 7:05 h

Blockline Loop 3: Holzhau » Kreuztanne » Neuhausen...

Die 66km lange Rundtour führt euch auf 1.240 Höhenmetern vorbei an blühenden Wiesen über die Orte...

Foto: Felix Meyer,
52,1 km 5:30 h

Loop 2: Through the valley of the clattering mills...

The 52 km tour with 1,010 meters of altitude takes you past fascinating wooden art and old water wheels...

The most beautiful hiking tours

For treasure hunters and princesses. In the forests of the Ore Mountains, centuries-old legends and fairy tales come to life. They peek out from behind stones and invite you to discover and play.

5,4 km 1:30 h

Wurzelrudis Märchenrundweg Eibenstock

- 5 km langer familienfreundlicher Rundwanderweg durch Eibenstock

- unterwegs werden 15 verschiedene...

Foto: Ronny Schwarz,
1,5 km 5:00 h

Oederan - die Stadt des Klein Erzgebirge an einem...

Tagestour Klein-Erzgebirge – Altstadt
5,7 km 1:37 h



Familienwanderung vom Bahnhof Altenberg auf den Geisingberg, bergab bis zum Wildpark Osterzgebirge,


Foto: Matthias Drechsel,
7,0 km 2:01 h

Erzgebirgische Sagentour "Der Hüttenmatths"

An jedem Standort eine A4-Tafel aus Edelstahl, Befestigung an einem Wanderwegepfahl neben der Skulptur.


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