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A paradise for hikers

Explore the Ore Mountains on foot

Welcome to one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany - welcome to the Ore Mountains! Marked hiking trails lead you through unspoilt landscapes and romantic river valleys over more than 5,000 kilometres. At the highest point, at 1,215 metres, you experience a breathtaking view of the pure beauty of the Ore Mountains up the Fichtelberg. You can cross the Ore Mountains low mountain range on no less than three internationally notable hiking trails: you can cross borders on foot along the E3 and Eisenach-Budapest European long-distance hiking trails. The Ore Mountains-Vogtland Kammweg leads you over 285 kilometres from Altenberg in the Eastern Ore Mountains along the entire low mountain range ridge through the Vogtland region as far as Thuringia. The Ore Mountains – your hiking paradise!

Hiking-friendly accommodations

Schwarzenberg OT Pöhla

Ferienwohnungen Weißflog

Ein Ferienhaus, 3 Ferienwohnungen – ideal für einen Urlaub mit der…

































Landhaus Bergidyll

Am Fuße des Fichtelberges, zwischen Annaberg-Buchholz und Oberwiesenthal…

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