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Health resorts in the Ore Mountains

Thermal springs and clean air

Altenberg, Bad Schlema, Oberwiesenthal health resort, Warmbad health resort, Wiesenbad thermal springs - five health resorts are at your disposal in the Ore Mountains to alleviate any ailment but also for a relaxing wellness holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your body's own healing powers are revitalised in the Bad Schlema  radon spa  - and you'll get moving while hiking, e-biking or golfing in beautiful scenery. You can recharge your energy reserves in the Kneipp health resort of Altenberg in the Eastern Ore Mountains - also thanks to the extensive network of outdoor training trails in untouched nature and the water treading pools. In the state-approved thermal spa resort of Wiesenbad, the name says it all: healing thermal water, clean air and healthy herbs are the main characters on your health and wellness holiday. Saxony's oldest and warmest healing spring bubbles up for you in the health resort of Warmbad/Wolkenstein - feel its power in the Warmbad Silver Spa or with a drinking regime. The health resort of Oberwiesenthal will bring both you and your health to whole new highs. Germany's highest town at the foot of the Fichtelberg is a state-approved climatic health resort and offers a lot of walking and hiking trails as well as perfect skiing and cross-country skiing fun in winter.

Spas in the Ore Mountains

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