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Bubbling with vitality

Health tradition in the Ore Mountains

Tradition, wherever you look - in the Ore Mountains thermal region too of course. Saxony's oldest and warmest thermal spring bubbles in the Warmbad health resort. Right next door, in the Wiesenbad thermal bath, you can immerse yourself in the healthy, fluoride-containing thermal water of the Georg spring in the "Miriquidi" spa. Just a bathing cure? Wellness pampering is the motto here. Tired and listless? The radon-containing healing water in Bad Schlema in the Ore Mountains strengthens your immune system and relieves pain. And not just today: Bad Schlema was world famous in the 1920s and 30s. In search of oriental medicine? The alternative healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine and osteopathy are the focus at the "Raupennest" in Altenberg in the Eastern Ore Mountains.

Gesundheitsbad ACTINON (Fouad-Vollmer-Werbeagentur)
Gesundheitsbad ACTINON, Bad...
Gesundheitsbad, Saunalandschaft, Wellnessoase
Thermenwelt - Bewegungsbecken (Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur)
Silber-Therme Warmbad

Aufblühen im Heilbad

Erleben Sie im Heilbad Warmbad bei Wolkenstein die vitalisierende und entspannende Wirkung der wärmsten...

Blick auf das Aussenbecken der Therme Miriquidi (D. Knoblauch, kreissldesign)
Therme Miriquidi Thermalbad...
Die Gesundheitsquelle im Erzgebirge! Neben einer modernen Kurklinik befindet sich in Thermalbad Wiesenbad die öffentliche Therme...
Johannesbad Fachklinik und Gesundheitszentrum Raupennest (Johannesbad Fachklinik und Gesundheitszentrum Raupennest )
Bathing and sauna complex...
In the Johannesbad specialist clinic and health center Raupennest, everything is under one roof, with the extensive pool area and saunas....

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