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It’s the beating heart of an Erzgebirge Christmas: proud men parading through their mining towns dressed in ceremonial costumes. Over 15 mining processions, complete with rousing mining music, welcome visitors to the festive season in the Erzgebirge.

Many of these old mining traditions have their roots in religion, and this is reflected to this day in the devoutness of the people, and in their seasonal customs, their music and their art. The miners’ costumes are based on historical templates, with their style, colour and accessories identifying the wearer’s district, the historical period they are from, and what role they play in mining in Saxony.

Parades take place on public holidays in the mining towns and administrative centres, to honour and demonstrate obedience to public dignitaries. Erzgebirge residents continue to regard the mining parades as an important cultural tradition.

The Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region bears extraordinary witness to the far-reaching influence of mining on all aspects of society, including the traditions, ideas and values that are both living and intangible parts of Erzgebirge culture.

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World Heritage that marches to the beat of its own drum
A Christmas break
Mining parades, Christmas market, the "Mettenschicht" (final shift) celebrations, the "Neunerlei" Christmas meal with its nine dishes and the scent of incense on the air – that's what Christmastime in the Erzgebirge is all about. The Erzgebirge region welcomes you with unique seasonal events and traditions – as alive today as they were in times gone by.
  • Experience the warmth and the traditions, the craftsmanship and the delicacies of the famously hospitable Erzgebirge region at Christmas. Feel the magic of Christmas all around with Schwibbögen (traditional arched candle holders) in all the windows.
  • Watch the toy-makers at work crafting traditional wooden figures, and take a piece of the Erzgebirge home with you. 
  • Enjoy the wintry peace of nature on walks and hikes through the Erzgebirge.
   A warm welcome awaits you – book your Christmas break online here.

Age of the children

Christmas markets

Foto: Silberstadt®Freiberg/599media, Paul Schmidt
24.11.2020 - 22.12.2020 Freiberg

31. Freiberger Christmarkt

Weihnachtsglanz in der Silberstadt Freiberg: Original bergmännisch im Erzgebirge

Foto: 360grad-team
25.11.2020 - 20.12.2020 Marienberg

Marienberger Weihnachtsmarkt

Im Herzen der Renaissancestadt Marienberg öffnet vom 25.11. - 20.12.2020 der Weihnachtsmarkt seine...

Foto: Kristian Hahn,
26.11.2020 - 12.12.2020 Olbernhau

Olbernhauer Weihnachtsmarkt

Vom Donnerstag vor dem 1. Advent bis zum 3. Advent findet der Olbernhauer Weihnachtsmarkt statt. Während...

Foto: Dirk Rückschloss,
27.11.2020 - 23.12.2020 Annaberg-Buchholz

Annaberger Weihnachtsmarkt

"Sich Zeit nehmen für das Besondere" - dies ist das Motto eines der schönsten Weihnachtsmärkte...

Miners’ parades

28.11.2020 - 29.11.2020 Thum

Weihnachtsmarkt in Thum mit Bergparade

Bergparade am 29.11.2020 um 14:00 Uhr

Am Wochenende des 1. Advent begrüßt die Stadt Thum ihre Besucher...

Foto: Stadtverwaltung Zwönitz
28.11.2020, 17:00 Uhr

Abendlicher Bergaufzug in Zwönitz

Als festliches Highlight der Hutzentage erleben Sie den traditionellen abendlichen Bergaufzug durch die...
Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt,
29.11.2020, 17:00 Uhr

Bergparade in Aue

GROSSE BERGPARADE - eine Veranstaltung des Sächsischen Landesverbandes der Bergmanns-, Hütten- und...

Foto: Stadtverwaltung stollberg
04.12.2020 - 06.12.2020 Stollberg

Stollberger Weihnachtsmarkt mit Bergparade

Der große Bergaufzug findet immer am Samstag, 05.12.2020 um 14 Uhr statt.  

Traditionell wird der...

Overview of all Christmas markets and mining parades

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Foto: Stadt Marienberg/ 360 Grad Team
Zinnkammern Pöhla / Foto by BUR
Frohnauer Hammer / Foto WFE

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