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The Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region – UNESCO World Heritage you can get to grips with

In operation for 850 years.

What shapes a region, its people and their traditions? In the Erzgebirge, this question has an easy answer: for over 850 years, everything here has revolved around mining. And not just under the ground; far from it. Learn about the region and its unique heritage – a heritage that is still very much alive today.


The mining towns, the landscape, the cultural heritage, people’s attitude to life: they all tell the colourful, multifaceted story of this unique region. A region whose underground treasures – silver, tin, cobalt, iron and uranium – once made Saxony’s rulers rich. And whose heritage, which is so perfectly preserved, remains a treasure unlike any other in the world. This fact has also been recognised by UNESCO, which awarded the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region – as it is officially named – ‘World Heritage’ status in 2019. A World Heritage Site just waiting for you to discover it!


Get inspired: Erzgebirge in 4 minutes.

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The Silicon Valley of the early modern era

Did you know that the dollar originated in the Erzgebirge? Do you know what a Schwibbogen candle holder has to do with mining? How the element cobalt got its name? What connects modern mathematics and Annaberg-Buchholz? And that the Erzgebirge were the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the early modern era, so to speak? No? Then why not visit the home of adventure and experience our World Heritage in all its diversity!


Proud towns and historical mines. Richly decorated churches and interactive museums. Magnificent castles and workshops rich in tradition. Idyllic mining discovery trails and human-made landscapes. Real Christmas magic and customs that endure. All these aspects open a window into the history of Europe, and also provide an experience for all the senses of just how alive mining traditions and culture remain here to this day. Glück Auf!

Where city air made you free and wealthy.
Boomtowns thanks to mining: Take a journey through time to our mining towns.
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Welcome to Miriquidi!
Discover a cultural landscape of legendary beauty.
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Where the heart becomes bright
Lights, music, folk art, Christmas: Experience authentic miner's traditions live.
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Let’s head to the Silicon Valley of the early modern era!
Here you can experience tangible industrial history - underground and above ground.

Experience and discover special places, indulge in Erzgebirge hospitality, and immerse yourself in the Heritage.Experience.World.

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