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Welcome to Miriquidi!

Discover a cultural landscape of legendary beauty.

‘Miriquidi’ evokes a fairytale world and heroic sagas – but it’s simply what the Erzgebirge used to be called, a name meaning ‘dark forest’. But the landscape isn’t only impressive for its natural beauty; mining also left a distinctive mark. Explore Miriquidi for yourself – step by step.


Before the Erzgebirge became a mining region, it was first and foremost a seemingly impenetrable expanse of wild nature. And, in essence, that is what it remains to this day. There’s no question that dwarves and elves, wizards and witches would feel right at home in the dark forests, enchanted meadows, deep mining shafts and crystal-clear brooks of the area that used to be known as Miriquidi. This is an incredibly beautiful region – and also a place that played a key role in technological history. So how do these attributes connect? Find out for yourself.

Leave everyday cares behind

Silence, space, lush greenery and gently rolling hills and valleys: in the Erzgebirge, they all come together to create a landscape where you can unwind and recharge your batteries. Where you feel free, yet safe. Where your senses are finally released and are constantly stimulated by new impressions. And where your mind can awaken and open – to new and inspiring experiences.

And all you have to do is step out. Set off across varied terrain on one of the many hiking paths criss-crossing the region. Whether you’re after a leisurely walk or a more demanding hike – with over 5,000 kilometres of marked routes, you’re guaranteed to find the right one.

Tip: The best way to get to know the region is on one of our mining discovery trails Or hop on your bike and pedal your way through the region. Board one of our Heritage Railways and let the landscape slide by you at the unhurried pace of a good old steam locomotive. The Erzgebirge will welcome you with open arms.

Hiking tours - "Glück Auf" in the World Heritage Site.

10684 m 175 m

Kleine Welterbe-Tour

Eine Tour entlang unserer verschiedenen Zeitzeugnissen der Montanregion…

23015 m 365 m

Erster deutscher Glockenwanderweg

Am 18. April 2015 wurde der erste deutsche Glockenwanderweg eingeweiht. Dieser…

17821 m 285 m

Dittmannsdorfer & Dörnthaler Teich (Welterbe)

Ausgangspunkt Gasthof Dittmannsdorf Parkplatz 

Dittmannsdorfer Teich (Anbindung durch…

16042 m 210 m

Rund um Marienberg

Rundwanderung um die Historische Altstadt von Marienberg, als UNESCO…

9292 m 140 m

Bergbaugeschichte erwandern (Marienberg)

Markierung: weiß-gelb-weiß, weiß-grün-weiß, EB rot, E3 blau

13792 m 225 m

Rund um Pobershau

Diese Rundwanderung über knapp 15 km bietet wundervolle Ausblicke vom Blauen Stein und…


Erlebnisheimat Erzgebirge

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World Heritage Mining Region Ore Mountains/Krušnohorí
Here's the way back to the overview: The Ore Mountain/Krušnohorí Mining Region - UNESCO World Heritage you can experience!

Land of human creation

A land shaped by human hands

Think mining is only happens underground? Far from it! Eight hundred and fifty years of ore mining shaped the region above ground, too – creating some great hiking. A wide network of mining discovery trails connects mine forges, ironworks, water ditches, mine dumps, visitor galleries, and many other features, creating circular tours that are both informative and full of variety. Suitable for big and small hikers alike, the paths wind their way through unspoilt landscapes – and through countless picturesque villages, too.


Experience and explore special places, indulge in the hospitality of the Erzgebirge region, and immerse yourself in the World Heritage experience.

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