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Fresh air, exercise, freedom! Anyone who enjoys a spot of cycling will fall in love with the Erzgebirge. Cycling in the Erzgebirge has the right tour for you, whatever your preference: a tranquil ridealong the river, a leisurely ride with the family along beautiful trails, or a climb up the mountains that takes all your strength.

The Mining Region is the perfect environment for a whole range of excursions on two wheels. Long-distance cycling trails and circular tours pass through idyllic valleys and swathes of unspoiled nature, rewarding you with outstanding views from the Erzgebirge ridge and taking in the beauty of the region's mining towns. Many of these tours also pass through component parts of the World Heritage Site, inviting visitors to take a fascinating detour into the mountain towns and explore their cultural treasures.

But there are plenty of traces of 800 years of mining tradition to befound in nature too. Riverside routes criss-cross the region andare ideal for touring cyclists: the Zschopautalradweg (Zschopau Valley Cycling Trail), the Mulderadweg (Mulde Valley Cycling Trail) and the Flöhatalradweg are three excellent examples. Explore both sides of the border by bike along the Erzgebirgsmagistrale (170 km on the Czech side) or the Sächsische Mittelgebirge (250 km on the German side) long-distance cycling trails.

The Stoneman Miriquidi routes are also a great challenge forcyclists. 292 km across two countries, 13 steep ascents and anelevation gain of 4,900, through centuries of mining tradition, spurred on by the Erzgebirge competitive spirit - that's the Stoneman Miriquidi Road.

The Stoneman Miriquidi MTB route runs through the dense forests of the Erzgebirge, a 162 km circuit from Oberwiesenthal and back that really throws down the gauntlet, traversing nine of the highest peaks in the Saxon-Bohemian Erzgebirge, three of which are on the Czech side. Total elevation gains of 4,400 m await to be conquered by brave mountain bikers.

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