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Native delights in the Ore Mountains!

Hospitality full of tradition and taste

Made from simple, high quality ingredients - simply delicious! In the Ore Mountains we know from experience how to conjure up the greatest delicacies with seasonal and regional products. The cuisine in the Ore Mountains looks back on a long history and owes many of its influences to mining. Even today, the menu still mainly consists of things cultivated, produced and refined in the Ore Mountains. As the seasons change, so does the region's varied menu - culminating in the traditional and legendary Christmas bakeries that are all about the Ore Mountains' stollen. Feeling hungry? The  HEIMATGENUSS ERZGEBIRGE seal of quality leads you directly to hospitality and the finest products and services that the Ore Mountains region has to offer.

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The Ore Mountains region is firing up the grill

Summertime is barbecue time!  As soon as the first rays of sunshine herald the coming of summer, lifting spirits and warming hearts, the enticing smell of barbecued food wafts in the air. The time for summer cuisine is dawning and the cooker and table move outside in the Ore Mountains too, as it's barbecue time. The first flowers add colour to the salad and can be eaten or made into interesting creations like flower butter. Great dishes, courses and herb hikes are offered by the local "Heimatgenuss" partners in the Ore Mountains.

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De Haamit Kist'ln

Das „Haamit-Kist'l Erzgebirge - ein genussreiches Dreierlei.

Regionales Bier, erzgebirgische Schnäpse, Wurst & Käse von heimischen Höfen, Kräutersenf, Nudeln oder süße Bruchschokolade… das alles und noch viel mehr  finden Genießer im „Haamit-Kis'l“ Erzgebirge.
In diesem Jahr können Sie aus drei Varianten wählen, denn auch Süßguschl'n und Genussguschl'n kommen auf Ihre kosten.

Die Produkte stammen alle von Partnern der Marke „HEIMATGENUSS  ERZGEBIRGE“ – damit ist Qualität und Regionalität garantiert.

Hinweis: Das Haamit-Kistl kann von Oktober bis Ostern bestellt werden!

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