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Berlin’s celebrating the Erzgebirge World Heritage? That’s right! - Roofing copper from Grünthal was used and can still be found on some of Berlin’s most iconic buildings. The Cathedral, for example, or the Pergamon Museum, or the Hotel Adlon. The roofing copper was produced at the liquation works in Olbernhau in the Erzgebirge.

It all started back in 1537, when it was discovered that copper and silver could be separated from silver-bearing copper ore by means of the liquation process. For a time, this accounted for more than ten per cent of Saxony’s entire silver production. The liquation works was also the centre of copper processing in Saxony. Refined copper was processed into sheets, tanks and rods at the plant’s four hammer mills, using 15 hammers. The first rolling mill began operation in 1847. Top-quality Grünthal roofing copper, which before long would be covered in its inimitable green patina, was highly sought after. The liquation works is Europe’s only remaining example of this kind of processing plant, and is still open to visitors today.

The Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region bears extraordinary witness to the far-reaching influence of mining on all aspects of society, including the traditions, ideas and values that are both living and intangible parts of Erzgebirge culture.

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Silver City Experience
from 195€ for 3 nights
Follow the footsteps of Freiberg's silver through the late-medieval centre of the Old Town. Explore treasures of silver as well as evidence of 800 years of mining tradition in the city and mining museum and be fascinated by the sound of the Silbermann organ at the Catedral of St. Mary. The exhibition terra mineralia will take you on a mineralogical round-the-world-tour where you can marvel at treasures of immeasurable value. With the famous "Silver Curls" you have found yourself a typical Freiberg souvenir.
Package price includes:
  • 3 nights, double room with half-board (3-course-meals) in one of our comfort hotels within the city

  • free admission at terra mineralia, City and Mining museum, Cathedral of St. Mary and free rent of one Audio Guide for a city tour (only in German)

  • one gift per person

  • a cup of coffee and a piece of traditional "Freiberger Eierschecke" cake in one of Freiberg's cozy cafés

Bookable from 01.09.2019 - 31.12.2022

Booking service: +49 (0) 3733 18800-88

My time out at the World Heritage Site
from 219€ for 3 nights
Go on a tour through the mining region of the Erzgebirge/ Krušnohoří and explore 850 years of mining history at close quarters. You will stay directly in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Saigerhütte in the town of Olbernhau, once a Saigerhütte for copper production and its processing, today a large museum area with museum facilities and the heaviest copper hammer in the Ore Mountains, the power station with a functioning steam engine, an Ore Mountain Christmas house, a playhouse for children, a hotel and other gastronomic facilities. From there you can visit many other interesting sites of the Erzgebirge mining region during your stay in short driving times/ Krušnohoří.
We've thought of everything:

  • individual daily arrival for 3 nights all year round in the months from January to November

  • You will stay in the stylish Premium Comfort Room or Junior Suite

  • daily breakfast from the pick-me-up buffet with vitality offer

  • daily evening 3-course menu

  • free admission for the visit of the copper hammer in the museum Saigerhütte

  • Information brochure about the UNESCO Ore Mountains mountain region/ Krušnohoří

  • regional artisan souvenir


You can find this offer in the category "Special offers".

Booking service: +49 (0) 3733 18800-88

Experience the World Heritage
from 165€ for 3 nights
Experience the Erzgebirge in culinary and cultural terms. We make you curious about our homeland!
  • 3 x overnight stay with breakfast from the buffet

  • 1 x Erzgebirge miner's meal & "Grubenfeuer" Liquor

  • 1 x delicious "Klitscheressen" with Lauterbacher Tropfen


  • 1 x wild food from local forests

  • Guided tour in the copper hammer Olbernhau

  • Visit of the Seiffner mountain church with small organ

  • Free admission to the open-air museum Seiffen with tyre turning mechanism

Possible period: 14.02.2020 - 20.11.2020 You will find this offer in the category "Special offers".

Booking service: +49 (0) 3733 18800-88

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World Heritage Experiences

Foto by studio2media
Foto by Bernd März
Bergstreittag Schneeberg / Foto by Lars Rosenkranz

Experience World Heritage

Foto: BUR Werbeagentur,

Bergkirche St. Marien...

... die einzige Bergkirche Sachsens.

Foto: Adam Ries Museum,

Adam Ries Museum ...

... das macht nach Adam Ries ... !

Foto: Dirk Rückschloss (BUR),


Erleben Sie die faszinierende Welt unter Tage.

Foto: Dirk Rückschloss (BUR),

Technisches Museum "Frohnauer...

Alte Technik neu erleben.


Foto: Ulrich Falk,
11,8 km 3:30 h

Bergbaulehrpfad "durch den Buchholzer Wald"

Ein interessanter Wanderweg auf den Spuren des Bergbaus vom Mittelalter bis zur Wismutzeit. ...
Foto: 360Grad-Team, Stadtverwaltung Marienberg

Museum sächsisch-böhmisches...

Einmalig in der Region - das Museum sächsisch-böhmisches Erzgebirge im Bergmagazin!

Foto: Stadt Marienberg/ 360 Grad Team
Zinnkammern Pöhla / Foto by BUR
Frohnauer Hammer / Foto WFE

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